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Accordion Content JT1 Module is a commercial extension developed by Joomlatema.Net. Module reads content articles from Joomla and K2 category and shows them at frontend as a Accordion Slider. All elements of the frontend interface could easily be changed at the backend.

Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0




  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0
  • K2- Support
  • Module Width
  • Module Background
  • Module Padding
  • Open Tab Height
  • Open Tab Padding
  • Content From Joomla Category / Multiple Categories
  • Content From K2 Category / Multiple Categories
  • Order News By (Recently added, Recently modified, Ordering)
  • Sort Order Type (Descending / Ascending)
  • Number of Items
  • Linked Title Color / Linked Title Hover Color
  • Linked Title Limit Type (Word or Character)
  • Linked Title Limit
  • Linked Title Border Style (solid-dotted-dashed)
  • Border-Top Color
  • Border-Bottom Color
  • Show Intro
  • Introtext Limit Type (Word or Character)
  • Introtext Length
  • Introtext Color
  • Show Introtext Titles
  • Introtext Title Color
  • Show Readon
  • Change Readon Text
  • Change Readon Color
  • Change Readon Position
  • Show More In Text (Show / Hide)
  • More in Float left or right
  • Change More In Text
  • Link images (Yes / No)
  • Width of Thumbnail (Px)
  • Height of Thumbnail (Px)
  • Image Float ( left, right or no-float)
  • Image Margin
  • Event type (Mouseover-Click)



Vers. 1.3
Joomla Update System Integrated

Vers. 1.2
K2 Support added

Vers. 1.1
Remote Image Support added

Vers. 1.0
Initial Release

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