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Headline JT5 Module is a Unique extension developed by Joomlatema.Net. Module reads content articles from Joomla ® category and shows them at frontend as two-block static content or two-block slider.

Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.0





The module allows you to display your Joomla content as single news block on one side and multiple news block on the other side (left or right).  


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x  
  • Module Mode (Static or Slider)
  • Module Width
  •  Module Height
  •  Padding
  •  Module Background
  •  Select Joomla Category
  •  Order News By  (Recently Added-Recently Modified -Joomla Ordering)
  •  Sort Order (Descending / Ascending)
  •  Link images (Yes / No)
  •  More In  Text( Show / Hide)
  •  Change More In Text
  •  Single -Multiple News Block Position(Left / Right)
  •  Show Titles(Yes / No)
  •  Title Limit Type  (Word / Character)
  •  Title Limit
  •  Link Titles   (Yes / No)
  • Title Color
  •  Show Intro  (Yes / No)  
  •  Introtext Limit Type   (Word / Character)   
  •  Introtext Length
  •  Introtext Color
  •  Image Width (Px)
  •  Image Height (Px)
  •  Image Float
  •  Image Margin (Px)   
  •  Show Readon  (Yes / No)   
  •  Change Readon Text
  •  Readon Color
  •  Readon Position
  • Autorun (Slider) (Yes / No)
  • Event type (Slider)
  • Enable Fade (Slider)



Vers. 1.0
Initial Release

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