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JT Content Slider is a Free Content Slider Module for Joomla 4 and Joomla 3  to show Joomla articles as a slider. Showing the joomla articles with dates, thumbnails and etc. Simple and easy to use.


Joomla 3.0 Joomla 4.0





  • Category
  • Articles to Display
  • Featured Articles
  • Order
  • Authors
  • Layout
  • Slide Width
  • The width of each slide. This setting is required for all horizontal carousels!
  • Module Padding
  • Module Global Padding eg. 10px 10px 10px 10px
  • Number of Columns
  • Number of Columns for large screens (>991px)
  • Number of Rows
  • Number of Rows for large screens (>991px)
  • Show / Hide Navigation Arrows
  • Show / Hide Dots at the bottom
  • Type of transition. Options: horizontal, vertical, fade
  • Infinite Loop. If Yes, clicking Next while on the last slide will transition to the first slide and vice-versa
  • Center Items
  • Center item. Works well with even an odd number of items.
  • Slide By
  • Slide By page or number of items
  • Margin-Right
  • Margin-Right(px) on item.
  • Stage Padding
  • Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours).
  • Auto Transition
  • Slides will automatically transition
  • Animation Speed in miliseconds
  • Mouse drag enabled.
  • Article Properties
  • Show / Hide Title
  • Limit Title
  • End of Title Replacer
  • Show / Hide Introtext
  • Intro Text Chars Limit
  • Specify the character limit for the intro text excerp. 0 = No limit, 1 = No intro text
  • Show / Hide Author
  • Show / Hide Category
  • Show / Hide Date
  • Date Format
  • Show / Hide Read More
  • Show More Category Links
  • Show related category links in the bottom of the item list
  • More In Text
  • Change More In Text
  • Thumbnail Settings
  • Thumbnail Position
  • Thumbnail Alignment
  • Thumbnail Width
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Enter height of generated image thumbnail
  • Keep Aspect Ratio
  • Thumbnail Margin
  • Show Default Thumbnail
  • Show default thumbnail when no image found on the article
  • Show Hover Icons
  • Show Zoom and Link Icons on Thumbnails
  • Link Image



Version 2.9.6
Minor bug fixed
Version 2.9.5
Show / Hide Hits
Version 2.9.4
PNG thumbnail image with transparent bg support
Version 2.9.3
Webp image support
Version 2.9.2
Limit Title by Word or Character
Limit Intro by Word or Character
Version 2.9.1
Content embedded image issue fixed
Version 2.9
Image Captions Issue fixed
Version 2.8
Readmore Icon Issue fixed
Version 2.7
Minor Improvements Version 2.6 Strip Tags option
Version 2.5 Article Block Padding Article Block Margin Version 2.4 Thumbnail crop issue fixed
Version 2.3 Thumbnail Alignment Issue fixed Version 2.2 Create Thumbnail Folder (If not exist) Version 2.1
All Article Ordering Options added         Version 2.0
JS Conflict fixed
Version 1.9
Pause on Hover
Show / Hide Image Captions
Delete Cached Thumbnails Option added
Version 1.8
Show / Hide Pretext Option added
Version 1.7
Show / Hide Thumbnail Option added
Version 1.6
Backend Improvements
Keep Aspect Ratio for thumbnails
Version 1.5
Modal changed to lightbox
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
Improvements eg. show/hide thumbnail, change readmore text. etc
Version 1.2
Modal Bug fixes
Version 1.1
Vers 1.0
Initial Version


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