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This is an extension which helps users to display  articles from selected columnist-categories. The Module uses joomla's own category-system. First create categories with each Columnist's name and enter each columnist's article under his or her category. Then select all columnist category names at the right side of the module settings.

 Joomla 2.5  Joomla 3.0








  • Joomla 2.5 And 3.0 compatible
  • 2 Layout Options and a lot of display settings
  • Unlimited Columnists and subcategories
  • Hide/Show and float option for Columnist's image
  • Heading and Description Text option for Columnist's article
  • Link to all articles of Columnist
  •  Module Width    
  • Layout    
  • Column
  •  Columnist (Category)    
  • Show Child Categories    
  • ShowHide
  • Child Category Depth    
  • Columnist-Category Order    
  • Show Empty Categories    
  • HideShow
  • Show Create Date    
  • HideShow
  • Show Columnist Name    
  • Columnist Name Format    
  • Columnist Name and Text Color    
  • Titles and Text Font Size (Px)    
  • Columnist Image    
  • Columnist Image Width (Px)    
  • Columnist Image Height (Px)    
  • Columnist Image Margin (Px)    
  • More Articles...    
  • ShowHide
  • More Articles Link Float    
  • More Articles Link Color    
  • More Articles Font Size (Px)
  •  Columnist Box Border    
  • Columnist Box Height    
  • Columnist Box Background    
  • Columnist Box Padding (Px)    
  • Margin (px)
  • Description Character Limit    
  • Date Format    
  • Date (Created, Modified)
  • HTML Supported Code for Content Layouts
  •  Article Count    
  • Article Order    
  • Ordering Direction    
  • Article's Title Characters Limit    
  • Show Featuread Articles     


Vers. 1.0
Initial Release

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