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Aqidah Ku is a free Kunena 5 Forum Template developed by JoomlaTema.Net. It is Kunena 5.0.X and Joomla 3.x Compatible and has Responsive Design.


Kunena 5.0.x - Joomla 3.x
Responsive Design - Compatible for all screen sizes
Default category icon
Profile Icon Set
Default Icon Set
Editor Icon Set
Lightbox color
Load Bootstrap css
Load Icomoon icons
Load Tooltips
Hide table borders
Message title length
Show default actions
Type Quickreply
Show menu
Show dropdown display
Show dropdown content
Display modules
Display breadcrumbs
Show announcements
Display footer
Profile Position
Avatar Type
Show Labels
Recover crash and store fields
Icon Type
Load External CDN Fontawesome
Display Social Share
Social Theme
Write Access
Load Localstorage
Select color for categories icons   
Select color for NEW icon and text