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VerticalScroller Pro is Pro Version of VerticalScroll JT1 module. This module displays and continuously scrolls through the items selected. You can choose joomla category as content source or enter your own items/links manually. It uses Jquery to scroll. It features parameter options for size, scrolling speed, pausing on mouse-over and more.



  • Joomla 2.5.x - 3.x - 4.x and 5.x Compatible
  • K2 Support
  • Enter up to 40 items
  • A lot of options like Open Target, Animation Speed, Module Height, Background Color, Padding, Pause Interval and Mouseover Pause...etc.
  • Note for joomla 3.0: You may disable Jquery option If Jquery is loaded by default templates. 
  • Select Articles from Joomla Content and Categories
  • Show Articles with Thumbnails.
  • Superior settings with 23 parameters (Article Image Width-Height, Character Limit, Title Color, More In, Image Align.. etc..)
  • Note:Images on remote server or remote site is not supported. Article images should be on your server.
  • Content Source and Layout Options
  • Category
  • Module Height (Px)
  • Background Color
  • Padding (Px)
  • Module Border
  • Description Character Limit
  • Child Categories (IncludeExclude)
  • Child Category Level
  • Article Count
  • Titles Color
  • Titles Hover Color
  • Article Image Align
  • Article Image Width
  • Article Image Height(Px)
  • Article Image Margin (Px)
  • Article Image Border
  • Open Target- Self / Blank
  • Animation Speed
  • Pause Interval
  • Mouseover Pause (Yes/No)
  • Show More In Text
  • Align More In Text (Left or Right)
  • Load /No Load Jquery

Vers. 2.2
Interval bug fixed
Vers. 2.1
Autoplay bug fixed
Vers. 2.0
More In Link shows all categories

Vers. 1.9
Thumb Issue Fixed

Vers. 1.8
Minor Improvements
Module height option improved (Now entering 0 will adjust auto height)
Joomla 4 Compatibility

Vers. 1.7
Admin Panel Renewed extra options below addedIntro Image Support
Show / Hide Navigation 
3 Navigation Types (Arrow, Arrow and Text,Just Text )
Font Awesome 4.7 added (17 Arrow Icons)
Pause / Play Button added (Show or Hide)

Vers. 1.6
K2 SupportAdmin Panel Renewed
Vers. 1.5
Up and Down Scroll option SelectionMinor Bugs fixed
Vers. 1.4
Module Duplication error fixed
Vers. 1.3
Link /Unlink TitlesStrip TagsAllowed Tags Option
Vers. 1.2
Select Title Limit Type (word/character)
Title Limit
Border Radius

Vers. 1.1
Article OrderOrdering direction
Show Featuread Articles
Select Author Options added
Vers 1.0
Initial Release