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JT Elegant Login extension is Login and Sign Up form for joomla. It has a nice animation effect for both login and sign up form. You can use it instead of standard joomla login-signup form of your site. It can be installed as a joomla module and can be used instead of standart joomla login-signup form.


  • Joomla 3.x compatible
  • Login Button Title
  • Login Button Pretext
  • Signup Button Title
  • Signup Button Pretext
  • Login Redirection Page
  • Logout Redirection Page
  • Name/Username
  • Enabled Registration  No / Yes
  • Registration Button  No / Yes
  • Login Button  No / Yes
  • No-Registration Text
  • Login button Bg color
  • Signup Button Bg Color
  • Login Button Text Color
  • Signup Button Text Color
  • Logged Modules
  • Use Captcha




Version 1.2


Elegant Login is now Responsive on mobile screens


Version 1.1


Joomla Update System

Version 1.0


Inıtial Version