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This module allows you to list your items as a dropdown jumpmenu with configurable thumbnail images.


  • Joomla 1.7- 2.5 and 3.x compatible
  • Enter up to 40 links
  • Change Jumpmenu Width
  • Selectbox Background
  • Selectbox-Hover Background
  • Selectbox Height
  • Droplist Height
  •  Links Border-Bottom Color
  • Thumbnail Border Color     
  • Thumbnail Border Width (Px)    
  • Thumbnail Border Style
  • Thumbnail Shadow Width (Px)
  • Thumbnail Shadow Color     
  • Thumbnail Image Padding (Px)    
  • Thumbnail Background Color
  • Open Target    
  • Links Heading    
  • Animation Speed
  • Load JQuery
  • Jumpmenu Links Color, Jumpmenu Links Hover Color
  • Change Selectbox Color, Link Color Droplist background color etc.
  • Link Items With Thumbnails
  • Change Thumbnail Background Color, Border Color, Border Width and Shadow Options
  • Use it to build demo pages for your templates, extensions, products etc.


Vers. 1.0
Initial Release