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Content Captions JT is a commercial extension that enables you to display the images attached to your content on your site with captions on them.  Module generates captions from images title and/or intro text in articles and displays them with a sliding or fading overlay effect on the images. The module resizes the image that you have assigned to the article lays it out with fading or sliding overlay.


  • Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x compatible
  • Joomla Article Support
  • Select articles from a certain category
  • 3 transaction effect fade/slide/show
  • Ability to show/hide Article Title
  • Ability to show/hide Intro Text
  • Ability to link/unlink the Article Title
  • Set Animation Speed
  • Effect can be applied on captions
  • Unlimited possibility to change caption position
  • Load / Unload jQuery.