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Pop-Up JT Module is a free module lets you to add an animated Pop-up on any page. It can be installed as a Joomla Module and published on any page you want. You can add Joomla Modules (up to 6 modules) or Manual Text in Pop Up Window. There are a lot of Pop up and Hide animation options. Auto open or Manuel open (when clicked a button) is possible. You can set a duration time to close

It can be installed as a joomla module .



  • Insert your Manual Text Content or Joomla Modules (up to 6 Modules).
  • Toolbar Title
  • Close Toolbar Button
  • Padding
  • Pop Up Background Color
  • Pop Up Border Color
  • Border Radius
  • Pop Up Width
  • Pop Up Height
  • Show Title (Show / Hide)
  • Pop Up Title
  • Pop Up Horizontal Position
  • Pop Up Vertical Position
  • Time to Close
  • Show Effect
  • Show Duration
  • Hide Effect
  • Hide Duration
  • Auto Open
  • Modal Effect (Yes / No)
  • Resizable Window (Yes / No)
  • Draggable Pop Up (Yes / No)
  • Close on Escape (Yes / No)
  • Title Background
  • Title Border
  • Title Border Radius
  • Title Color
  • Show Title (Show / Hide)